Be kind to your soul

It’s okay to have flaws, it’s okay to make mistakes, no one is perfect. No one promised that life will be easy, so go easy on yourself. Stop questioning your worth, because you’re worth every single star in this universe and beyond. Love your self, your body and soul. Self love is the best love……

Over the clouds

Anyone who knows me, know it for a fact that I’m a huge fan of sunsets. I have spent a lot of my time witnessing sunsets from various beaches and mountains. But this time it was more beautiful than I expected it to be. This is just before sunset from up in the sky. Clicked…

Revdanda- The first Russian travelers Indian abode

It’s almost an annual ritual for us to visit Kashid and spend some peaceful quality time by the beach and stay at our favourite homestay that serves delicious and spicy homecooked seafood or whatever you demand for. It’s mostly a road trip on our bike running adjacent to the peaceful sealine and lush green meadows….

Stop being apologetic

Don’t be apologetic for laughing out loud, for sitting with legs not entwined, or having a loud voice, for not confirming to the societal norms of being beautiful as per them, for loving too much, for giving in, for being too conservative , for being too open, for being too straightforward, for being optimistic, for…

OOTD – Eid-ul-fitr 2018

Here’s us wishing you a very blissful, blessed Eid Mubarak. We hope you had a great time with your loved ones improving your relationships and social life.

Deep soul

So we all had a phase when our hearts ached or were broken and we resorted to some form of art to purge out those emotions. Mine went by the name of -Hopeless Romantic on insta and I started writing these small haiku.

The Delhi Highway

The word Delhi brings back nostalgia of some amazingly scrumptious food to me. When heard of Delhi highway I started dreaming of the yummy street food of Delhi, and to my surprise the food served here is Vegetarian, but continues to carry the adjectives like – yummy, mouth watering, delicious and so on. Having the […]

Pic of the day

Nothing is more welcoming than the first ray of sun. Light that takes away darkness and fills life with an unconfined depth. P.C- @Junaid Ali Kazi