Rubble masonry-The witness of history never favoring the disdainful

Qutub Minar

An unfinished tower in the Qutub Minar complex #AlaiMinar . The construction of the same was started by#AlauddinKhalji who conceived this tower to be double the size of Qutub Minar. However the construction was abandoned after the death of Alauddin in 1316, and was never taken up by his successors. The first storey of the #Rubble still stands strong till today.

Alai Minar is also a depiction of very high ambition, pompous attitude and ferocity of the Alauddin Khilji. Had there not been the human supremacy desire of making it bigger than Qutub Minar it would have at least been a ornamentally decorated and intricately designed monument. Alas it ended up looking like a piece of #RubbleMasonry and stands as a good example for us to take a lesson from on what an over ambitious virtue can bring to us.


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