The Delhi Highway

The word Delhi brings back nostalgia of some amazingly scrumptious food to me. When heard of Delhi highway I started dreaming of the yummy street food of Delhi, and to my surprise the food served here is Vegetarian, but continues to carry the adjectives like – yummy, mouth watering, delicious and so on. Having the delicacies of Delhi right here in Mumbai is sure to give foodgasm to a lot of Delhi food lovers like me. And the smorgasbord they offer is definitely a hard to finish, yet fill till your brims kind of food. The indo-western fusioning of the food is a great concept, it means getting your favorite western food with Indian spices, a total win win deal for our Indian taste-buds.

Nestled in the busiest lanes of sakinaka, right on the widest building – Timesquare which is turning into a hub of food joints, nestling some amazing and happening restaurants within it. It is just 5 min walk from my office hence I was spared of the traffic that one faces to reach this place.

Ambience – Gives a feel of the Mughal era, just like a lot of old structures present in Delhi, high ceilings, bright yellow lights, comfortable and spacious seating makes up for a great fine dining option.

Service – Prompt service with attentive and amicable staff. They serve with smile.

Without further delay let’s talk about the food

We were served with numerous dishes, jotted down as below


Tamatar Dhanya Shorba – As the name suggests it was tomato broth, garnished with Coriander, perfect blend of sourness and hotness. As the name suggests it’s shorba, hence a little runny compared to any soups consistency. The most soothing dish of the evening, a relief to my sore throat!


Dahi Bhalla Chaat- being a huge fan of chaat, I must admit it was one of the best chaat I had so far. Perfectly flavored chutneys, and garnished with Pomegranate, added the spicy and sweet punch to the dish. This dish was photogenic too!


Indo Mexican Quesadilla – A must have dish here. As regular quesadilla it was made of tortilla, beans, cottage cheese, Indianised sauces and cheese. Perfectly cooked.

Naram dil Kebabs – Could have been better. Kebabs made with paneer, wasn’t very flavourful though was cooked well.

Broccoli and pesto tikki – Made of cottage cheese, broccoli again was a miss for the day. Failed to kick in any flavors for me.


Charcoal Mushrooms- Char-Grilled Mushrooms stuffed with paneer and marinated with perfect spices was the talk of the table. Must try!

Fulka tacos – you can give it a miss happily 🙂

Masala Papad – served it shot glasses, the papads were rolled and were filled with onions salad and pesto sauce on the top. The onion was too evident in the dish. Pretty okayish.



Thali- Disclaimer – Couldn’t be finished by a person with mediocre appetite.


Ghee Rice – Yes we all eat rice as a staple diet, but the one they serve here stands out, perfectly cooked basmati rice with perfectly crackled cumin seeds(shahi jeera) and Ghee. Man the rice was so fragrant and flavour, it can be eaten without any accompaniments as well. Delicious!

Dal Lentils cooked the Delhi way, doesn’t need any more details 😉

Paneer Kulcha- Looked like the regular kulcha, but it was just being humble with it’s appearance. stuffed with paneer on the inside, utterly soft and delicious on the outside. Yes i know too much of fat in one dish,but you just can’t keep yourself away from this stellar piece of bread.

Methi Malai Mattar – this triple M dish is delicious that you will force yourself to gulp down some more despite being filled till the brim.


Khullad wali Lassi – Thick, flavourful Lassi served in tiny khullad is one of the best lassis in town.
Jalebi Rabdi – My love for Jalebi Rabdi is eternal and it isn’t easy to satiate my tastebuds with just anything when it craves for Jalebi Rabdi. This could have been better.

Gulab Jamun – Hot and moist, should have been a little more soft and sweet. But Of all the desserts I am a bit biased towards it 😉

To sum it up a good experience, and a great place to dine in groups.

My Rating

Food : 4/5
Ambience : 4/5
Service : 4.5/5


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  1. MNL says:

    wow! everything looks yummy


    1. Indeed it was delicious.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mumjd says:

    Looks very tasty

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