Al-Jawahar – Legendary Eatery for Mughlai Food

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Nestled in the busy lanes of Jama Masjid, Al-Jawahar is a legendary place when it comes to authentic Mughlai food of Delhi. Al Jawahar has remained timeless and dedicated in serving the best of food to its visitors.

Al Jawahar has been on my “Must Eat At” places list since forever. During our last trip to Delhi we finally decided to extend our travel and visit this legendary place. All the hype that was heard and all the stories that we knew of, this place stood true to all of them.

Al Jawahar Entrance

While all of us were new to Delhi and had a car to our rescue we took the help of Google maps, unfortunately our car got stuck in the busy lanes of old Delhi somewhere, with a lot of hissing and cussing we made it to the Main road where we parked the car and took the cycle rickshaw to aid reach our destination.  While Jama Masjid is a sight to see ,  Al- Jawahar is very close to the same and  is also at a walking distance from Chawri bazaar metro station. The eatery was inaugurated by India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and is forever bustling with people.  

Seekh Kebab Grill

You will be welcomed by a huge Tandoor and grill at the entrance of this eatery, it is a no frills restaurant with 2 floor seating area.  The second floor has AC seating but being an open space it isn’t very chilling here. The restaurant has well-spaced tables and decent, courteous and prompt staff that place you and feed you almost as quickly as it is a task on their list.

We are a huge fan of Nihari (meat slow cooked overnight to perfection) and have visited places only to relish this dish.  We stared with some moist and soft Shami kebabs, juicy mutton seekh, chicken Burra, Mutton Nihari, Chicken Changezi, Mutton Nihari, khameeri roti and lots of cold drink.

Table full of tasty food

The food was served promptly.  I can vouch for their mutton seekh as one of the best seek kebabs I have tried across my travel journey. They were juicy, flavourful and just the best. DO NOT MISS IT.

Mutton Seekh

Shami Kebab– Made of boiled chicken and bengal gram along with garam masala (hot indian spices), them minced in a jar and deep fried,  was a flavourful affair like how we can expect out of a famous Mughlai restaurant.

Chicken Burra – It’s a dry tandoori recipe made from the tangdi of chicken was a regular dish. Served well with the side plate of lime wedges, chopped chilies onions and julienned ginger

Chicken Burra

Chicken Changezi –  A very flavorful thick gravy with made with fried chicken in a rich gravy of milk, cream and cashews,  it is another must eat dish here. The chicken was soft and well marinated and cooked.

Chicken Changezi
Chicken Changezi-

Khameeri Roti – you can watch the preparation of the same at the ground floor entrance Tandoor where 2 guys seamlessly coordinate and roll the dough, cook it in the tandoor and serve it within 30 seconds. The roti is the best accompaniment to all of the above dishes.

With no fuss no frills only genuine and authentic food, Al-Jawahar is sure to set back any new fancy fine dine and make it run for the money.

While we left with our tummy full and pockect not very deeply affected we saved some space to try the local desserts of the streets. We relished on some firni and rabdi to complete our meal.

Matka Firni

I’m sure to return to this outlet for the sheer love of authentic and delicious Mughlai food.


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  1. Choi says:

    I love chicken tandoori!

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  2. Wow!! The pics are really awesome!! 👍

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    1. Thank you buddy ☺


      1. If possible Please follow My blog.


  3. kagould17 says:

    it all looks so delicious. Love the variety in this style of cooking.

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    1. It was absolutely delicious in taste too.

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