Welcome to Couple On Spree! We are Afrin & Junaid, married couple from Mumbai, India who are delighted that you are checking our site.  We are Sales & marketing professionals by the day and Travel, Food and Photography enthusiast the whole time. While we hog & travel we manage to click some photographs and jot down our experiences for you. We are Semi Nomads with the right pinch of eagerness to keep exploring and kicking.  The world is a big place to explore, who knows what happens in the future. We will continue to explore while it’s possible.”


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  1. MOMENTS says:

    Hello Afrin and Junaid, congrats for this beautiful travel blog. I have read three of your posts and your trip descriptions are really good. Love the pictures too. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

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  2. efge63 says:

    Afrin and Junaid i am happy to follow you!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. And we are glad about it ☺

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      1. efge63 says:

        Afrin you have a very very beautiful wife!!

        I like you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      2. Afrin is the wife(me), thanks a lot for your great compliments ❤

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      3. efge63 says:

        I am sorry for the mistake lol ~!!!

        You are a wonderful couple and you make my day!!!

        Kisses to both of you!!!!!

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